Through the eyes of a writer.

A creative writer sees the world differently. They don’t just see a nameless man in a suit brushing past on the sidewalk; they see a man with a story, one that may be unraveling given the way he’s bumping and pushing his way through the crowd. 

He looks like a George. A George Allen, perhaps, and he’s dashing off with his cellphone pressed to his ear because he’s just gotten a call to tell him his wife is in labor. Who needs brunch, anyway? And how kind of him to leave an untouched blueberry scone behind…

Unfortunately, he took the coffee with him. But he’ll need it when he finds out he’s having twins.

Within every person, there’s a story waiting to be read. A writer sees the potential in everyone they meet, from the grouchy, old neighbor who glares out her window to the man who sleeps on the sidewalk.

No one’s life is truly boring. If you look deep enough, you can see what makes a person interesting and unique. 

It’s this view of the world that brings a writer’s characters to life. They look at a person and see the possibilities, and sometimes those possibilities become an inspiration for a character or a situation. 

A writer sees more than what is. They see what can be. 

If you’ve put your imagination to paper, and you’re ready to share it with the world, then do it. I hope that you’ll let me be a part of your editing journey, and I hope most of all that you flourish.


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